Design Incisions​ is a Toronto-based Creative Firm that strives on building your brand and putting you at the top of your market. We're here to add value to your product or service, making it more desirable to your clientele.



Design Incisions has the best Designers and Artists in the GTA. We only believe in the highest quality work no matter what your project is. You can expect your brand to be highly regarded. This allows your brand to be separated from the pack, and on top of all competition. Design Incisions can help your business, group, team or organization reach its full potential with high-class branding. We design and print outstanding flyers, posters, invitations, advertisements, business cards, letterheads, invoices, envelopes stickers, decals, magnets, postcards, logos, social media headers, display pictures and so much more. Design Incisions is the best choice for all of your Graphic Design needs.


The possibilities of Illustration are endless. Writing a book? We can create the images. Starting a comic strip? We can draw the characters! Graphic Design and Illustration truly go hand-in-hand with each other. We grew up drawing cartoons, faces, products, advertisements, our favourite TV show characters, even Pokemon and other great imaginative creatures. We can design your tshirt, your poster, thumbnails, character sketches, comic book frames, story book visuals, icons, digital imaging, product design, blueprints and even typography. After all, the greatest ideas come from a pen and a napkin.

Web Design

Design Incisions focuses first on Graphic Design, but just as important, we spend alot of our time focusing on Web Design. Our young roster of designers grew up with the Internet. As we developed into the fine people we are today, the internet grew alongside us. There are no better people to ask to build you a website then us. We understand the usability of a website, what customers want to see, what they want to use, what they don't want to use...etc. We build beautiful websites that are simple, elegant, informative, appealing, fast, and trustworthy. We serve your customers needs by creating mobile websites, and are partnered up with loads of e-commerce hosts. We provide hosting services and domain registration for your website.


Your corporate brand is your name, personality, image, reputation, face, badge of honor, and of course, your own personal identity. Logo's are the most important part, because that is what the world sees. But how awesome would it be to have your logo, business card, vehicle, poster, postcard, sticker, letterhead, pens, and notepad all match? Your colour scheme, corporate motifs, logos would be consistent through all of your products and office supplies. We at Design Incisions feel that great branding is having all aspects of your business or organization constant - its like your own personal advertising.


The world we live in is truly beautiful. Pictures are all around us, now that everyone uses social media. Capturing the beauty of the earth is an art - As is the beauty in the captured moments of your special events. With some of the best photographers in the Toronto Area, Design Incisions can really capture the memories you want saved. We do band photo shoots, weddings, birthdays, individuals, portraits, modeling, baby pictures, showers, landscape photography, car photography, and so much more. We edit the images in-house, which makes turn around time much quicker.


In a band, and have some merch ideas you want brought to life? We specialize in band merchandise and print products. Employing musicians, Design Incisions have the inside edge as to what bands need. Whether you are local, or signed, a solo act, or a band with loads of members, our integrated marketing will match your genre of music perfectly and get you the best merch on the market. We do buttons, posters, album art, cd pressing, shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers and so much more. Make your band stand out by coming to us with all your merch needs!


Partnered with a professional print shop, Design Incisions prints almost everything. With almost 2,000 different finishes and printing techniques, the quality of your final product will be outstanding. We print posters, business cards, banners, pocket folders, postcards, stickers, window vinyls, magnets, notepads, novels, books, magazines, calendars, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, maps, cards, bookmarks, key card holders, labels, contracts, forms, letterheads, door hangers, menus, t-shirts, and so much more. Contact us for your printing needs. We also accommodate bulk orders!

CUSTOM Apparel

Need a t-shirt? A sweater? How about a pull-over? We do custom apparel printing. Any thing you want, wherever you want it, we can put it on a shirt for you. No minimums, no maximums. Provide your own t-shirt, or we'll provide one for you. Almost any colour available! Different textured prints as well! Fast turnaround time, and a great gift idea!





Design Incisions is a creative firm  specializing in Graphic Design, Web Design, Printing services, Marketing, Branding and Advertising.

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